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    why try to have a conversation using the tumblr messaging system when you can just write a message, put it in a bottle, and toss it in the fucking ocean where it’s more likely to find its way to the person

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    Kinsey Scale: Supernatural (IMO)

    ye? ye.

    hmmm…I still kinda headcanon the Sheriff with Mama Tran.

    Headcanons are cool, but not what this scale is about. Jody has been married to a man, went on a date with Crowley and kissed Bobby. She has had no canon romances with ladies so I’m quite happy with where I put her on my nice rainbow scale

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    Kinsey Scale: Supernatural (IMO)

    ye? ye.

    Flip Cas and Dean I think

    How about NO

  • eurgh, my cousin is such a Sam apologist. He stopped watching after S5 because he thought it was fucking stupid to continue as

    it was so obviously meant to end there (can’t say I disagree with that completely) but then he started saying that Sam was the brains of the operation and Dean was ‘just a hothead’ and I flipped my shit, which, long story short, ended in me threatening my cousin at pencil point, since that was the only weapon to hand in the living room.

    He’s lucky he was high and also my favourite cousin, because, I’m not saying I’ve written in permanent marker on his face while he was sleeping for lesser offenses, but bitch woke up with knobhead scrawled across his forehead and had to go to college like that, you feel me

    #Dean!girl from the womb to the tomb

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    Don’t be fuckin with Harry Potter

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    I love heroes. I’ve always been fascinated by them, by their mythology, their stories and adventures. And I’m not just talking about Captain America and Iron Man, I’m talking about Achilles and Odysseus, Segismundo and Don Quixote. Heroes. That’s why I’m writing this piece. I feel like I needed to get all of these ramblings out of my system, about Team Free Will and heroes. Because sure, Sam Winchester is probably considered the main protagonist, but all three of them are heroes in their way. They just fit different archetypes.

    Sam Winchester is the most classical anti-hero. The reluctant one, the one who didn’t ask any of the things that are happening to him. Sam escaped the life, went to college, only to have the life blazing - quite literally - back onto him. Sam endures. He doesn’t really believe in what he does, but he knows he has to do it. He reminds me very much of Frodo Baggins - a hero who suffers an incredible journey that changes him forever. Frodo said ‘yes’ to the ring, in Rivendell, and Sam said ‘yes’ to Lucifer in order to put him back in the cage. And just like Frodo, Sam will be haunted forever by the physical and emotional pain he went through. Still, it’s true that sam does bitch a lot, and for that he reminds me of Segismundo, from Calderón de la Barca’s play «Life Is A Dream». Segismundo’s father, the king, received the prophecy that his son was going to become a terrible person, and so he locked him away in a remote prison. When he decides to bring Segismundo back, he acts like the most spoiled brat on earth, throwing tantrums and acting like everything offends him - but in the end, he becomes a good king and a good man. Pretty much like Sam. Always bitching around about how a poor baby he is, but in the end he’s a really great hunter.

    Dean Winchester is a different kind of anti-hero. The tormented, angst filled one haunted by his past. He’s the hero who doesn’t believe good things can happen to him, because he doesn’t deserve them («You don’t believe you deserve to be saved», ring a bell?). And because of that, he never really seeks them out - one night stands, no strings attached. He has real bonds with very few people, and most of them have died or suffered greatly right in front of his eyes. He’s the anti-hero who doesn’t hesitate when it comes to killing or fighting, and he prefers sarcasm rather than actual conversation. He strives to be just like his father while knowing at the same time that his example is something he will never arrive to - pretty much like Hamlet, who knows he will never be like his father, but still sets off to get revenge for him. Hamlet’s father forces Hamlet, really, like John used to mentally abuse Dean - not exactly fathers of the year, both of them. But what I find really incredible about Dean is that he has the seeds to be the hero, the true hero, even more than Sam has. He has the heart of a hero, and not just of any hero, but of Achilles. Remember Achilles, who stepped away from the fighting when Agamemnon robbed him of his prize and his honor? He wasn’t going to come back and help the Greeks, if not for Patroclus’ death. Achilles was brought back by Patroclus’ death, a loss so devastating that wiped away all of Achilles’ rules and perceptions of pride in the «society of shame», as the critics call it. Achilles got revenge on Hector with such a force, and it’s what Dean does. Dean goes to the ends of the earth to get revenge or help or save the ones he loves most, not caring about himself, just like Achilles knew that killing Hector was only going to unleash his own death. In that, he’s very much the big noble hero.

    Castiel is the most fascinating, even more than Dean. Castiel is the tragic hero, the doubtful hero. It reminds me very much of Antigone, from Sophocles’ tragedy. The tragic hero is the hero who makes a choice and sticks with it even when it brings his downfall and his destruction. Antigone died because she stood against her uncle Creon’s decision not to bury her brother Polyneices. She did the funeral rite herself, fully knowing that it was going to bring her severe punishment, but she simply couldn’t let her brother lay in the open ground. She made a decision and faced the consequences, just like Castiel did. Castiel chose to stay with Dean (and of course, Sam and Bobby and the humans), and accepted all the consequences that choice caused. He rebelled, fell, killed angels, became an outlaw. There’s another reason that makes me think of Castiel as the tragic hero, and that’s his blindness. Let me explain. During the civil war in Heaven, we viewers could clearly see that his plan was flawed and bound to fail, that his consorting with Crowley could have led to no good - Cas couldn’t. Isn’t that Oedipus? Oedipus who wants to know what happened in Thebes, just to find out that he killed his own father and had children with his mother? Once the tragic hero is set on a path, he goes on down that path, no matter how destructive, because he can’t see any other way. He always tried to do the right thing, but the road to hell is paved with good intentions. His hubris always drags him down, and he falls, endlessly. And lastly, the tragic hero is the one who, tragically, loves. Like Phaedra, bound to her doomed love for Hippolytus. Castiel’s love is is downfall.

    I think you mean Castiel’s love FOR DEAN is his downfall. Aside from that typo, this is perfection.

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    Dean and Faith: Praying
    1x12 "Faith / 2x13 "House of the Holy" /
    4x01 "Lazarus Rising" / 4x06 "Yellow Fever" /
    4x18 "The Monster at the End of This Book" /
    5x14 "My Bloody Valentine" / 5x16 "Dark Side of the Moon" /
    6x03 "The Third Man" / 8x02 "What's up Tiger Mommy" /
    8x16 "Remember the Titans" / 9x01 "I Think I'm Going to Like It Here"

    Let’s talk about Dean and faith. Let’s talk about how he grew up being told that angels were watching over him and his brother and how he most probably stopped believing in angels, in good and in heaven when his mother died and along with her all normality, safety and the belief that "good things do happen".

    Let’s talk about how Sam found a faith healer to save Dean from certain death and how Dean back then already didn’t think he deserved to be saved. Let’s talk about how he openly said to Roy that "he isn’t exactly a believer" and Roy just replied "You will be" and how in a way he was right. Let’s talk about Dean and Leyla and how they get to know each other in the first place: Because Sam tells Dean that maybe “it’s time to have a little faith”. Let’s talk about how guilty Dean feels when he realizes that Lelya won’t be saved by Roy and how he tells Leyla, “that he ain’t much of a praying type”, but that he "is going to pray for her" and she tells him "Well, there’s a miracle right there".

    Let’s talk about how Sam has no problems believing in angels and gets really emotional when Dean tells him "that there is no such thing", that he "believes in reality", in what he can see and that he cannot believe, in angels or god or destiny, because they never crossed path with any of those things. Oh no, they hadn’t yet, but they would and one particular angel would end up their closest friend… Let’s talk about how in the very episode Sam wants to believe so bad that there is something bigger out there that could save him and he ends up being let down, that Dean for the first time starts taking into account that maybe there is something like “god’s will”.

    Let’s talk about when Dean came back from hell and learnt that an angel - Castiel - had rescued him from hell, he would just say “get out of here, there’s no such thing” and Castiel was able to see right through Dean immediately knew that Dean’s problem was that "he has no faith" and that "he doesn’t think he deserves to be saved".

    Let’s talk about how from that moment on and even though Dean continued to think that “angels are dicks”, that maybe Castiel sparked something within him, that has always been there, but has been buried: a tiny flame of faith.

    let’s talk about how Dean starts praying. Not really believing in it, but doing it nonetheless and how his prayers are getting answered - by Cas - almost every single time. Let’s talk about how at first Dean was praying jokingly, how he didn’t truly ~mean it and how him saying "I’m not much of a praying type" turned into "I prayed to you Cas, every night".

    Let’s talk about how he starts turning his face towards the sky and asking for help when he is at the end of his rope, despairing, crying. Opening up, making himself vulnerable, not liking it, because "to him it’s the same as begging", but doing it nonetheless. Let’s talk about how Joshua knew that Dean was losing faith, indicating that Dean did have faith all along, but was never okay with admiting it to himself, because it would be too painful to be let down.

    So Dean continues praying, finds solace in it, a weird sort of relief and comfort. Let’s talk about how he prays to keep his brother save and how he prays, because he needs his best friend by his side. No matter whether in purgatory or on earth.

    Let’s talk about all of this and more and then let’s talk about how Dean’s newfound faith doesn’t have anything to do with his outlook having changed and him suddenly believing in heaven or an absent god or in angels. No, he doesn’t believe in any of that, doesn’t have any faith in either of those things. No, the tiny bit of hope, the tiny bit of faith he carries within, close to his heart comes down to only one person: Castiel.